@celia Hi Ru! What I really like about this idea is the optionality. Some people want circles and if they do, I think it can be another checkbox in their preferences. What we're doing with another Masto fork is putting issues like this in the form of a problem statement:

Mastodon doesn't let me post to circles or subsets of my social network. The result is less freedom to post the content I want, such as niche humor and complaints, or movie nights aka periodic tradeoffs of signal-to-noise for togetherness.

If that problem is accurate and valuable, we welcome any patch that addresses it. The opinion of the maintainers or myself can only act in the consensus around the problem, not on the solution. It's almost like problem-focused circles for code.

@weex Hi David! What's the fork you are working on? Be curious to check it out. :)


@celia Yes, that's it. Only forked a few weeks ago but it's been running at c4.social for personal dogfooding for a couple. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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