I just finished reading this massive thread about standardizing “groups” on the #fediverse and how we want them to work in the future: socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/


The thread is a massive discussion between @humanetech @dansup @sl007 @mike @heluecht @grishka @nightpool @tchambers @yala @weex

I tagged them here in case others who do not partake in the socialhub forum have followup questions or concerns regarding the shaping of the fediverse, as this is a participatory space!

@nightpool @dansup @yala @humanetech @liaizon @tchambers @grishka @mike @weex @sl007 This discussion is interesting as well, since different types of people come together: The pragmatic ones and the perfectionists and inventors. I consider myself a pragmatic person who just implements existing ideas, but does not invents. So my (already implemented) idea for groups is just like the way gup.pe is working: People can create posts, mentioning the group, the group will then repeat this post to their followers. This is working well with many AP implementations.

On the other hand there are the people who think that a group actor shouldn't be treated like a personal actor. And groups should do more than redistributing posts.

This is a quite interesting discussion. I'm not participating that much there. Mostly since I already said how we are doing it. And I guess I will then have a look at the result and have a look if it can be implemented as well. Like I said: I'm an implementer 😀

@heluecht @nightpool @dansup @yala @humanetech @liaizon @tchambers @grishka @mike @sl007

Thank you Michael for adding your voice. I've worn different hats from builder to archaeologist but ultimately I'm a problem solver.

It would be great to see group functionality start simple because they provide value even if only local to an instance.

Obviously everyone's thinking about how to federate them, which will pay dividends as their boundaries grow beyond the instance, but it seems to me difficulty in achieving consensus around federation has stymied development of the basic thing.

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