Hello friends! A few announcements...

1. C4Social is now Magic Stone.

2. Ecko is the new name for our fork of .

3. Acropolis is the new name for our fork of *.

These new names are part of a transition from an experimentation phase into something more like testing.

For updates, Watch our repos at and

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@weex I'm curious as to what the ecko fork is going to be about, but it doesn't explain in the readme

@faun The idea with each of these forks is to optimize toward community, that is making it as easy as possible to contribute. We're following a protocol that basically says if you are addressing a valid problem, your code gets merged. Everything else follows from that.

A good example given our recent convo is scalable moderation. Open to argument but iut seems to be a problem... and if you're addressing it with a PR, it's going in. Congrats you're a contributor! Let's gooooo! 😄

@weex Nice. Yeah, that seems like a really important philosophical difference. Whichever version of the software is the most able to accommodate the widest range of contributions should become the central project, I imagine mastodon would not even object to this transition, it is so clearly the just order of things.

@faun Yep, and here we have a protocol document that spells it out so we're not really inventing it, but applying and testing, seeing what comes out.

The point of becoming a contributor to an open source project is one of a lot of friction. People are aware of this and do what they can to make it easy so here's I think a risky but promising approach that says make yourself at home.

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