Starting today you can support your favorite instance of by donating with your credit card through Stripe. 💳

Once you donate you get a badge that appears on your profile and on your toots (when viewed locally). This was accomplished through a plugin called Sponsors that helps to solve two problems.

🔌 First is to prove out the plugin facility that we added recently to Ecko. We're building plugins around Ruby gems so that these may be reused by many other projects on the fediverse including Magic Stone's fork of diaspora* called .

🤑 Second is the money problem. The fedi doesn't do venture capital, doesn't have unicorns and doesn't data harvest to pay for massive server farms. Instead communities are often run near the financial edge simply because it's hard to pool resources. By making it easy to donate and show support, we hope the Sponsors plugin helps even the playing field so the fediverse can shine.

🗿 If you'd like to try this out and support the Magic Stone community, you can sign up at and click the donate link in the lower right.

⚠️ Magic Stone uses the Collective Code Construction Contract. Please post any bug reports or feature requests in the form of a problem statement at

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@weex sounds great! Will the plugin be available in the next PR?

@jorge Hey Jorge, it's already merged so the real proof is when and how people use it plus seeing what problems people run into. If you mean the next PR to ecko_ynh then yes. 😊

@weex thanks. Then I will wait for the next ecko_ynh release to try it. Looking forward to it :BlobCat:

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