πŸŽ‰ Happy New Year!! πŸŽ†

A new version of Ecko has just been released on YunoHost. Version 2021-12-27~ynh1 integrates donations through Stripe, adds five new themes, and fixes some issues with import/export of blocklists.

Ecko is Magic Stone's community-driven fork of Mastodon. You can install it via YunoHost at, via docker-compose or from source at our repo linked below.

⚠️ The Magic Stone community follows the Collective Code Construction Contract. Please post any bug reports or feature requests in the form of a problem statement at

Big thanks to @jorge and @PaulaToThePeople for great feedback and support for Ecko!

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Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse. Running Ecko, a community-driven fork of Mastodon managed using the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4) by the Magic Stone Community. C4 is a protocol for asynchronous, non-blocking, distributed, problem-focused software development.