"What's on your mind?" is the Mastodon prompt. To me, that feels a bit support-sessiony.

Gosh, I'm having a hard time getting out of my own way. Lots of ideas but a strong filter that doesn't let much see the light of day.

What would be a better prompt? Maybe, "What do your followers need to know?"

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@weex how about just "What should you toot?" haha.
I guess I like the idea of just defining the purpose of a feature in terms of its effects. This is the grunk button. You should press it when you want to grunk.

@faun Let's give it a whirl! "What should you toot?" I feel morally obligated to share that there's too much negativity in social media but I am hopeful we can make it better.

String replacements are some of my favorite mods. Might be fun to create a set of prompts. I bet the writing-focused instances would dig that.

@weex "type your post here..." for the 1st day or two of a new account, and then nothing.

@mrbitterness It could work...and it's basically how we process the current thing. It's a known rule of UX that people don't read so I bet 1% of toot compositions have anything to do with the prompt. Happy Friday Mr. Bitterness :)

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