At the office, there's a Wellness Room and it's wonderful. I can go inside, turn off the light and relax. It's not 100% quiet though...

I can hear music outside and doors and voices of people walking by which was... annoying at first. I had hoped the room would be soundproof so that I could experience Peace and Quiet (tm).

What I realized though is that the noise was ok once I accepted it. Then the wellness room became even better.

I realized that dealing with the imperfection of this room could extend to the rest of the world.

I can be on a park bench and make peace with everything going on around. Dogs barking or heat or loud cars driving by.

The wellness room is special not because it has no windows and a door that locks but because it gave me the opportunity to experience a version of solitude that I could build on.

At this point, I can make almost any space a Wellness Space. My car is a Wellness Car and the park a Wellness Park.

Hmmm, I wonder if this works at the DMV.

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