Ecko is a fork of Mastodon with extra features requested by the community.

How does it compare?

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@weex I think you should probably be comparing to Hometown.

@faun Care to expand? The comparison to Mastodon was requested previously by community members so that's what motivated this one.

@weex It's not informative to hear that you're ahead of mastodon, what would be useful to know is whether you're ahead of the other big fork.


Como se puede averiguar quien usa Ecko? Y que app se puede usar?

@enjey @weex Puedes ver una lista en
Las apps móviles para mastodon también funcionarán para servidores ecko.

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Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse. Running Ecko, a community-driven fork of Mastodon managed using the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4) by the Magic Stone Community. C4 is a protocol for asynchronous, non-blocking, distributed, problem-focused software development.