A new version of Ecko has just been released for YunoHost.

Version 2022.11.15~ynh1 includes a security fix from Mastodon v4.0 plus other automated fixes.

Ecko is available for upgrade in your YunoHost administration console or to install visit

Ecko is a community fork of Mastodon which is maintained via the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4).

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@weex Post edit is not possible yet? I just curios but see no option on posts. :)

@grischa True, as a fork we don't automatically pull everything over. I guess Edit solves the issue of losing feedback as with the usual delete and redraft thing. Could also be a compatibility thing, like Ecko may not handle edits well. Something to confirm and create issues about if true.

@weex do you know how it handles edits from software having it for longer already? (Like Friendica, Hubzlla, ..).
By asking that I really don't know how mastodon handles it. At least there was some info like "this post was edited" so they seem to be aware of this at least. But I never checked, if they handle the update itself already..

@grischa We haven't changed any of the delete and redraft code since forking in 2021-08. It'd be something to test and document. I'll create an issue for it and try to investigate when I get a minute.

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Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse. Running Ecko, a community-driven fork of Mastodon managed using the Collective Code Construction Contract (C4) by the Magic Stone Community. C4 is a protocol for asynchronous, non-blocking, distributed, problem-focused software development.