If you're interested in protocols and interoperability that make the fediverse more than Mastodon and ActivityPub, SocialHub is where a lot of discussion and coordination have taken place over the years.

The future of SocialHub is however in question.

Up for vote and discussion is whether it should be locked and archived, run as is, or transitioned to a sustainable state of governance.

If this interests you, go now and make your voice heard.


Is it still being used?

(If locking it & archiving it is being considered — does that mean it stopped (or was severely reduced) being used?)

@reiver It's still in use but has had lulls like many things fediverse-related. It was down for some days earlier this year. I've been there on and off over 18 most and was surprised when I found the thread so shared this. Since that it seems people are content though I still see an opportunity to establish clearer ownership/maintenance teams.

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