FEP-c390: Identity Proofs is a new Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) that was just created that describes a mechanism of linking cryptographic keys to ActivityPub actor profiles.

Find the draft proposal here

Feedback is appreciated at

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@weex is that different than the old means of lnking to keybase?

Looks like it’s cutting out the middleman so fedi instances are their own Keybase.

@xanny @tchambers @weex Yes, kind of. While writing this FEP, I experimented with identity proofs based on did:pkh and did:key identifiers, where signatures were generated with MetaMask browser wallet and Minisign command-line signing tool, respectively.
It should be even possible to create FEP-c390 identity proofs using GnuPG, but I think someone needs to design a DID method for that.

MetaMask integration sounds great especially if it means you could add Sign-in With Ethereum to Masto, Pleroma, and other fedi platforms. Would help adoption a lot. I know a lot of people who’d join an instance that offers this.

Currently working with others to develop this and more, if you’re interested in joining on let me know! Speaking to others on Birdsite atm but I am setting up my own Matrix server as we speak, will get everyone on that instead for future development.

Wow, actually, your Mitra platform is perfect!

@tchambers Yes from what I understand, and I'm not the author, the previous methods would use a rel tag where this uses a cryptographic proof instead.

You might want to contact @silverpill (the author) for further questions but if you have constructive feedback to share those in the SocialHub thread.

@weex Could “extremely hardcore” ppl be put on this STAT, PLEASE?

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