📽️ A big misunderstanding on software quality (from a Pieter Hintjens talk)

The old model of collaboration in the ZeroMQ community was like this. There was a guy who was the main author. He would write code. It would be very clever. A genius man. There was a friend of his who was the main maintainer and he could understand git and branches and merges and packages and makefiles and autoconf and all this very complex stuff and he could talk to the first guy.

Their brains would synchronize with this amazing shared state which involved lots of beer and meetings in strange locations. These two were a very good team. They made amazing software which was very fast and didn't crash. It was amazing and good.

Then there were all these other guys who were using it and contributing to it, but the contributions had to go through a mailing list to one of these two guys here, who would then look at the mailing list patches and say, "Hmm we don't like your patch. We don't agree with your patch. We think your patch is.... We don't like it! You know it's basically our baby so if we don't like it... well we'll think about it. Your code is badly indented. Hmm, no."

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