The visual cortex has arrays of neurons (or neuronal columns?) which detect specific orientations of objects in the visual field.

Scientists could see this because they could push this electrode into the tissue while showing the live animal subject lines of various orientation. What's unclear in the lecture and in this image is whether what they're measuring was a single neuron or the spikes from a handful. Is each of these vertical slices a cortical column?

This pertains to feasibility of bio-based AI/ML modelling because there are many fewer cortical columns (150k) than neurons (20b) in the brain. Still more interested in developing a small component with feedback loops, etc but thought this was interesting.


Here's a quick video about Fediverse Enhancement Proposals.

If you're not familiar with this fediverse-native standards process then hopefully this clarifies some things.

I asked ChatGPT about going inside vs the drive thru but it went above and beyond.

Another video journal, this time talking about starting to write daily and how its been beneficial.

... continued talking to a camera about Fediverse, Mastodon and C4.


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Apparently artists are fighting back against generative AI by posting protest images where they'll be scooped up as source material.

(Reposting this since didn't have any alt-text)

Ecko is a fork of Mastodon with extra features requested by the community.

How does it compare?

There doesn't seem to be a good system-level diagram that captures what we know about the human mind. Based on reading, listening to podcasts and some meditation this is my attempt. My goal is to determine where is tech weakest? Has anyone attempted to build a complete prototype?

Another attempt to do the fediverse unfortunately decorated with buzzwords. I'm all for initiative, but no mention of ActivityPub or Mastodon? Why go it alone when there's this community that seems to have a common interest in decentralized social networking?

Been writing a lot more recently and it's just good. One trick to try is stream-of-consciousness, not stopping or going back to edit. I found myself still using backspace and stopping so made this single pager to help turn it into an exercise.

Write Without Stopping:

Ecko now has themes that help improve accessibility in a very simple way. If a toot has media with no caption, it gets a red border as shown/described in the attached images.

These new themes are now live on Admins of the adventurous sort can add to their Mastodon instance with the changes shown in

Thanks to @blindscribe for raising the issue and providing the CSS tweaks!

One of the things I love about buying used over the internet is the assortment of notes and cards that are sometimes included.

This one feels like one of those little objects that could be the center of its own story.

You want themes? We got themes. 😂

Having trouble currently with the latest Ecko docker builds but this is on which is managed via YunoHost.

Early Christmas present... An open source smart watch! Hope I find the time to get it running. Had hopes of recording voice memos on the go in luxurious software freedom. :fire:

Ecko is now available for installation in . If you'd like to try in an easy, low-risk, self-hosted way, this is it.

Please report any issues at and have a nice day.

Thanks to @PaulaToThePeople for raising this idea, to -soc for having a working ynh package to mod and to for making this quest for better social networking possible.

Isn't it funny how often things that should be simple can get flipped and become anything but?

Here we have a simple faucet with hot and cold water, but in the common case that it takes a while for hot water to appear, one wonders which way for cold?

Is it up because the handle should go in the direction of the blue dot or down so that the blue dot is brought into some position relative to the base?

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