Isn't it funny how often things that should be simple can get flipped and become anything but?

Here we have a simple faucet with hot and cold water, but in the common case that it takes a while for hot water to appear, one wonders which way for cold?

Is it up because the handle should go in the direction of the blue dot or down so that the blue dot is brought into some position relative to the base?

My daughter has been doing portraits and sketches since she was old enough to hold a colored pencil. She just sent me this for the C4Social project so... meet Charles, our new mascot/logo/protocol robot. 😍

Meanwhile the `fetch chromium` is giving alarming messages about fatal early EOF and index-pack failed. Still have 21gb of free disk space and internet has been fine so hopefully it retries. 🤷

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Chromium mac build instructions say:
Expect the command to take 30 minutes on even a fast connection, and many hours on slower ones.

I've been running this for 1.5 hours hitting speeds of 30Mbps regularly. Not sure if this is slow or fast but I'm seeing a git Receiving objects that's been stuck on 63% for a while.

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