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The FediBlock project warns instance admins of potentially problematic instances, and can be followed at @fediblock

It currently needs help from more volunteers, so that its voting safeguards can allow blocks to be recommended more quickly.

More details in this thread:

(By the way, despite the similar names and logos, I have no connection to FediBlock. Please contact them if you want to discuss anything!)

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Mastodon #MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #FediBlock

#FedeProxy is the project that aims to bring code forges - #Gitea, #Gitlab - to the #Fediverse to unite coders, foster collaboration.

When mentioning to others often I hear the name is non-descriptive, so I thought of another one (maybe):

Proposed name:



✅ Code, FOSS

✅ Social, Human

✅ Community, “Forge friendships”

✅ Adoption, Passion, “Friend of code forges”


✅ Reuse current logo

What do you think? #poll

On Oct 26, we sent a formal letter to Truth Social’s chief legal officer, requesting the source code to be made publicly available in compliance with the license.

According to AGPLv3, after being notified by the copyright holder, Truth Social has 30 days to comply or the license may be permanently revoked.

More context:

A very good read, and case in point of why even though the principle of software freedom yields great good, it is by itself not a sufficiently fundamental principle to solve the problems we face.

"Today, Deb talks about why free software needs more than a union

While fsf workers won one of the best union contracts—to protect against RMS, systemic abuse and gatekeeping keeps the movement from growing beyond a small, secret club 🤔"

@farshidhakimy @feditips Yeah, it's always the same long standing issues coming up.
So @weex, you're proposing gossiping. My idea relies on DHTs instead, but I'm always happy about other approaches as well as this problem isn't trivial to solve.
I am not that familiar with gossiping, some of the apparent problems I had with that approach are to many intermediate nodes as possible censors, possible load balancing issues, and no access to posts before the start of subscription. Also I am not

(Not so much a tip but a plea...)

If you want to be able to follow hashtags in Mastodon, please put a thumbs up on the following issue:

If you're a developer, maybe you could contribute to the code to make this possible?

Following hashtags would be really useful for discovering new people to follow. New people would find interesting content more easily too. It would help Mastodon and the Fediverse grow 🌱 👍

#Mastodon #Fediverse

I've released version 2.0.0 of my RSS to ActivityPub converter! This now provides functionality I'd hacked in to - it requires OAuth 2.0 authorization for someone to create a new AP account for an RSS feed.

I used to run this service "in the open" but was overwhelmed by spammers. Now the admin of a Mastodon (or Pleroma or any federated server that is an OAuth 2 provider) can provide this converter as a service solely to members of their instance. was just updated to the first known deployment of Ecko, Magic Stone's newly named fork of . Registration is open if you want to test it out.

In the coming weeks we'll be working through issues in the tracker including making it work on Yunohost!

Watch for updates.

@weex I'm curious as to what the ecko fork is going to be about, but it doesn't explain in the readme

Hello friends! A few announcements...

1. C4Social is now Magic Stone.

2. Ecko is the new name for our fork of .

3. Acropolis is the new name for our fork of *.

These new names are part of a transition from an experimentation phase into something more like testing.

For updates, Watch our repos at and

Man I wish people would make it easy to talk to them about their blog posts. I just want to commiserate and share my thoughts. I love when people do this about my posts. I'm trying to pay it forward. Don't make me dig for your dumb email address.

I just really love it when people put their email address directly on their blog posts. Please consider doing so!

Anyone else having trouble connecting to ? Specifically through the Element web client.

To whomever voted, I invite you to create an issue at the new org and repo location; 😮

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Anyone want to help define or code an API for Mastodon to talk to a web-of-trust-based moderation server?

Polls options are now displayed in random order on for scientific validity purposes however this effectively ruins the low-effort joke option.

I guess the question is what's more important, jokes or scientific rigor? Should there be a randomize-options checkbox?

I've noticed in using Mastodon that I'd rather start with a toots-only view (i.e. no boosts) and then want to check the boosts feed. For that matter, I wish a link to Boosts were visible on the timeline screens. Anyone else use it this way, where they only want to see boosts some of the time?

Do not track? Yes. Very good.

Now give me Do not app!

/I don't want the app.
//I knew you had one
///seriously, you won't even set a cookie?

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Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse. Running the C4 fork of Mastodon. C4 is a protocol for asynchronous, non-blocking, distributed, problem-focused software development.