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Veloren is a FOSS open world multiplayer RPG, sort of like a cross between Breath Of The Wild and Minecraft. You can follow the official account at:

➡️ @veloren

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official website at

Veloren includes online multiplayer options, and you can host your own server if you want to.

#Veloren #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Gaming #Games #Game #VideoGames #VideoGame #OpenWorld #Voxel #RPG #RPGs #SelfHosting

Twitter has been rolling out downvotes on replies for a while. At scale, the lack of signal attenuation has meant that centralized social networks amplify everything too easily, so I welcome this step for its potential to improve discourse.

Mastodon doesn't have this problem in part because we don't have the money-hungry algorithm adding fuel to the fire.

Either way, I find Twitter kind of creepy and am so so glad to have found the fedi 🌻


I recognize optimism when I see it. I've been waiting for Facebook to die for 15 years now. The market can stay irrational for longer than I can stay solvent, which is why I'm glad I didn't short the stock. But I never lost hope. Today, I'm more hopeful than ever.

Beatrice Murch (modified)

CC BY 2.0:

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You know what's fun about free software and the C4 process? The mystery. Though our sample sizes are still small and there's no real control groups or hypotheses, the software we make goes out into the market and either meets a need better than alternatives or it doesn't. This process aspires to be scientific even though it's inherently messy.

If you're a little bored with what you're working on, why not make a fork or try one, and see if you can learn something from it?

Along somewhat similar lines, I joined a bunch of different Mastodon servers to see how they were different. They're mostly the same since 99.9% of the code+config is the same, but the content and community on each is so different.

Some people want to have one account that works across the Fedi, but with the experience of joining these difference instances, I feel like that'd be quite boring. It's more fun to think of each one like a different place to hang out, where I can wear different clothes and think different thoughts.

Thanks for reading my newsletter.

Attention all media uploaders! Please caption your images and video so that everyone, not just the sighted, can appreciate, boost and reply to your brilliant memes and funny fails.

We've added a couple of themes to Ecko that highlight undescribed media but one wonders if more can be done.

In discussions around Media Upload in ActivityPub mention is made of a summary but it is non-normative. So would it make sense to formalize the handling of captions and text descriptions? Can a protocol extension or document help the fedi become more accessible at network level?

h/t @weirdwriter @makarygo

New #hometown version is out! v1.0.5+3.4.6:

No new Hometown-specific features, but it incorporates critical security patches from Mastodon v3.4.6, so if you run a server, please update ASAP.

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🥳 I'm pleased to announce that "FEP-8fcf: Followers collection synchronization across servers" has just been finalized. Find the document at

👆 This FEP (Fediverse Enhancement Proposal) is the third standards document to be finalized under the FEP process and continues efforts to help interoperability across the fediverse.

🔗 View other proposals and the process for submitting yours at

After creating an OpenAPI spec for wot-server, I went looking for an API client generator. The first one I saw looked decent and made ruby gems, but didn't have much activity around it. A few closed issues and PRs.

OpenAPI-generator on the other hand has thousands of open issues and a few hundred open pull requests. I used to see these as red flags, signs that a project was out of control, maybe beyond help, but now I see these big numbers as proof that the project is socially important. Not only do tons of people care enough to report problems and submit solutions, the commit log is buzzing.

I still have no idea if the gem it generates for me is good but with this many eyeballs how bad could it be?

@weex that is great!

Thank you @grishka for taking the time to draft the text for this FEP, for your help seeing it move forward!

Anyone have tips on how to codegen an OpenAPI consumer for Ruby? Started working with insomniac to define and test a REST API but I'm just about to access it from and would like to do it right.

🥳 I'm pleased to announce that "FEP-400e: Publicly-appendable ActivityPub collections" has just been finalized. Find the document at

👆 This FEP (Fediverse Enhancement Proposal) marks is the second standards document to be finalized under the FEP process and continues efforts to help interoperability across the fediverse.

🔗 View other proposals and the process for submitting new proposals at

"Are you coming to bed?"
"I can't. This is important."
"People are RIGHT on the internet!! And I'm very excited to be collaborating with them right now!!!"

Hi folks, quick reminder that if you're on Matrix and want to chat about or community-driven to come hang out in

Saying hi is optional :)

The #FSFE opens its own #Matrix server! Supporters and registered volunteers can get their account, and everyone can join our community chatrooms 🚀

A must-have to attend #FOSDEM this weekend!


@matrix @fosdem #freesoftware #softwarefreedom #opensource #synapse #element #federation

Version 2022.02.03~ynh1 is now live in the YunoHost app catalog. Update your instance with one-click in your admin panel under System Updates.

Report any issues at

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⚠️ #Mastodon v3.4.6 is out! This patch release includes important security fixes.

And for those who are still on the 3.3.x branch, v3.3.2 is out with the same fixes.

Ecko's main branch was just patched with important security fixes from Mastodon v3.4.6.

The latest docker image is being built now. YunoHost app update 2022.02.03~ynh1 which includes the changes has been pushed and should become available later today.

A new version of Acropolis was just released for YunoHost. Version 2022.01.29~ynh1 adds email confirmation for new accounts and creates the initial admin account during installation making it the smoothest installation method of any diaspora* fork.

is Magic Stone's fork of , one of the first federated apps ever made which is built around "aspects" or circles of people that you want to share with. Sign up at to try it.

⚠️ Please report issues at

A new version of Ecko has just been released on YunoHost. Version 2022.01.31~ynh1 adds two new themes for accessibility, HTML and Markdown in toots and fixes a bug in polls.

Big thanks to @jorge and @blindscribe for their feedback and support for Ecko!

⚙️ A security fix for Mastodon which will likely affect Ecko is scheduled to be released tomorrow so look out for another update to our YunoHost app then.

Ecko is Magic Stone's community-driven fork of Mastodon. You can install it via YunoHost at, via docker-compose or from source at our repo linked below.

Please post any bug reports or feature requests in the form of a problem statement at

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