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Here's a quick video about Fediverse Enhancement Proposals.

If you're not familiar with this fediverse-native standards process then hopefully this clarifies some things.

I asked ChatGPT about going inside vs the drive thru but it went above and beyond.

Reading a timeline full of boosts feels like tapping a core router. How are you?

Another video journal, this time talking about starting to write daily and how its been beneficial.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. -- Albert Einstein

Appreciating for the ability to pin a list to the main nav bar.

Added my personal issue about boosts in lists at

decided recently to record a set of songs i like to sing and play on guitar, hope it lifts you as much as it does for me

Kaminsky saved thousands of lives from Nazis by forging IDs.

REAL-ID intends to make that impossible. It essentially bets ‘it can’t happen here’—never again will innocent civilians need false docs to flee.

A strong society can live without REAL-ID.

OK, language weirdness question.

Someone recently said:

"I just about caught the train."

Did they catch it or not? Perhaps it depends whether you think of English as (one of) your first language(s).

As always, if you're happy to do so I'd be grateful if you'd boost for reach, and to get beyond my circle of followers.

Thank you!

A nice retrospective you wrote @nolan and thank you for all the hard work on #Pinafore, a great app.

I am involved in organizing #SocialCoding movement as a crowdsourced "Knowledge Garden", and wrote a forum topic on the dynamic I gleaned from your retrospective, which is a very common Challenge in #FOSS projects.

@nickcolley @weex

What can be a better test of a FOSS maintenance protocol than an unmaintained project?

Many of you may have heard the news about @nolan's awesome becoming unmaintained this week. One of the strengths of is our ability to fork and remix code to meet challenges like this.

With that in mind I figure it's not too hard to start a fork of Pinafore. If you're not familiar with C4 please visit and click on the first linked word in the readme.

I invite any and all who use or contributed to Pinafore, or want to get their feet wet in FOSS. Feel free to add Problems to the tracker and we'll go from there!

... continued talking to a camera about Fediverse, Mastodon and C4.


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Anyone interested to continue maintaining Pinafore under the C4 protocol? I can offer to be a co-maintainer and help setup CI/release pipeline.

Would be interesting to bring up on @Codeberg ...

New blog post: "Retiring Pinafore"

Probably not going to surprise anyone, but I'm stepping back from Pinafore. Thanks to everyone who followed along with this project over the years!

@menelion @Codeberg we'd love your input on how screen reader accessibility could be improved; accessibility is a priority for us. Would you mind opening an issue at ? Thanks! ❤️
~ @caesar

aaand we're officially migrated from #Gitea to #Forgejo. Nice!

Thanks to @forgejo, it was a pleasure :)

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