Sync'd up another project. This time: *

Took a couple hours merging 11 of 26 open PRs on upstream.


Next step is to deploy this to a production pod.

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@fla Hi Fla, C4 is the Collective Code Construction Contract. It IS a bit radical but the idea is to prioritize the people and community who are developing a project by making it much easier to get contributions merged and therefore make more constant and satisfying progress. This fork is experimental but my hope is that it demonstrates a viable path forward for really any project.

C4 came out of the work of Pieter Hintjens and the 0MQ project. Links to follow...

@weex so what are you doing right now regarding diaspora?

@fla I've created a fork that will be maintained by the process spelled out in the protocol.

@weex I need to read more to understand how that C4 thing is working, but merging stuff without human review seems a bit dangerous to me.

@fla I agree it's a bit counterintuitive / counterculture even for software and it could be a bit bumpy at the start but I'm hopeful for its evolutionary approach.

@weex diaspora* maintainers always have been very conservative with code merging. But maybe that experiment can change their mind. Just, please, be very explicit on your pod about the fact that you are not running the vanilla diaspora* code, but some untested one.

@fla Understand completely. Created this and will probably update the readme but will also create one saying the same about the UI.

@weex Just curious. Are you forking diaspora? 😲 For further independent development? Or do you just want to install the version with those PRs present?

@lightone Yes, I can confirm that I've created a fork and for the reasoning, I posted this today: discourse.diasporafoundation.o and a few days ago in the tooling

Happy to answer any questions and plus I definitely need help if anyone's out there and wants to work on the process together.

@weex I don't think diaspora has had any long-living forks, or any forks, come to think of it. Will your pod(s) have some indication in their NodeInfo that it's not vanilla *d? Maybe like Glitch-soc Mastodon fork does (if you look at, you'll find Glitch servers via specific version indicator). I don't know if diaspora can attract new influxes of users, now that ActivityPub is trending, but I still love diaspora interface and will follow any of its forks with interest! 👍

@lightone Yes, will definitely change the Nodeinfo and open to suggestions there about what should be unique. One thing about C4 is releases aren't really necessary so version numbers might turn into a serial number plus hash. Not sure if any trackers might care about that.

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