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Ecko now has themes that help improve accessibility in a very simple way. If a toot has media with no caption, it gets a red border as shown/described in the attached images.

These new themes are now live on Admins of the adventurous sort can add to their Mastodon instance with the changes shown in

Thanks to @blindscribe for raising the issue and providing the CSS tweaks!

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Hi folks, quick reminder that if you're on Matrix and want to chat about or community-driven to come hang out in

Saying hi is optional :)

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Created an intro page and a few issues for the social network moderation backend.

The idea is to leverage emergent social structure to shun bad actors without needing to explicitly ban anyone or create collateral shunning of folks who seem to have joined the wrong server.

FEP-c390 was mentioned by Dmitri during this meeting and for this I want to give a shout-out to everyone who's participated in setting up FEP at the beginning, keeping it online, and now everyone who's submitting more drafts, discussing proposals, and putting it all to use on the fediverse.

I've heard the internet described as nothing more than a stack of protocols and the fediverse seems a natural extension of that idea. It feels great to have this work validated and I'm excited by how many things we'll map out together whether that's in FEPs or W3C or wherever.


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During the meeting DIDs and VCs are posited to be an excellent mechanism toward each of us owning our social graph. It seems DIDs allow you to have many keys (I'm not sure if these can be disconnected sub-identities) attached to a single root identity.

I'd encourage people to learn more about DIDs, and this is my point, just because these things might be great solutions, that doesn't mean they'll win.

The market represented by users and software systems on the fediverse is beyond anyone's control, but it may get steered by dominant projects and high-profile people, even commercial enterprises with little interest in the fediverse's long-term health. So it's important to be aware of what's working and to feed what solves the most problems for the most people.


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The meeting opens with the proposition I paraphrase as "reputation is a dead-end, a problem nobody ever solves."

I don't know about you but this excites me.

When I hear something is impossible, maybe something people have given up on and never been solved, I can't help but want to look more into it.

For the problem of moderation on the Fediverse, I share the opinion that blocklists are not ideal and think a web-of-trust could work much better. It seems Freenet handled this well-enough to try and bring it over to the fedi, so if you're interested make this a reality in Mastodon, please get in touch!


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Yesterday I learned Fediverse Enhancement Proposals were mentioned in a W3C meeting of the Credentials Community Group, specifically FEP-c390 which has to do with Identity Proofs and is based on W3C's work on decentralized identifiers.

I didn't attend the meeting but made this summary as I read the logs:

Below I'll share some of my thoughts on what was discussed as a fedizen and supporter of open standards.


Mastodon administration 

For those of you who are Mastodon admins, what do you recommend for observability?

I'd like to be alerted when the service is degrading, experiencing a spike or abnormal traffic.

How often do you meditate?

Mastodon which is incredibly hot, supports RSS beautifully.

Just add .rss to any account to get the feed. Amazing!

Open that in your favorite feed reader. It’ll work.

Post a screenshot, say what the reader app is.

And pass this on to everyone who uses a feed reader.

Spread the word!

This is a huge deal for the open web.

@grischa How did you find your experience with Ecko? Was there anything that didn't work or that could be improved? Ecko is very similar to Mastodon so if you have issues that apply there, they may be something we can solve in this project. Thanks.

Ok, I love AI transcriptions.

"the feta verse"

Goes great with Balsamiq!

@blake yes, I've been following @delta for years - it's great!

Agreed, ActivityPub might not be the right thing (though it's entirely capable of low-latency delivery). My use of the word "Fediverse" was careful, since I believe that term refers to a much wider scope than Mastodon or even ActivityPub per se.

The project of the fediverse is really about dismantling the web and app monopolies that took hold over the past 15-20 years.

FEP-cb76: Content Addressed Vocabulary is a new Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) that was just created to protect JSON-LD context definition links from technical errors, expired domains, and other such issues.

Find the draft proposal here

Feedback is appreciated at

40k users, 50k projects. We're providing service to so many, this was unbelievable four years ago when #Codeberg was founded.

Thank you for supporting our mission. Together we fight the monopoly of proprietary platforms, and work towards a future where websites are hosted by non-profit associations and federate with each other.

Learn how to help:

Big thanks to: #Gitea + #Forgejo, #Debian #GNU/#Linux and all these nice people in the #FLOSS community. You rock! 💙

Looks like the #Fediverse is finally seeing the migration wave subsiding a bit.

At peak on Nov 24th fedi was almost 3.8m monthly active users (MAU), today it's 3.5m:
("Active last month" chart)

This is a good thing! :blobuwu:

A month ago the whole of fedi was ~0.6m MAU. The number of new accounts is insane. Obviously MAU is an imperfect measure, as people often set up multiple new accounts, migrated, etc., but still the influx of new people on fedi is enormous.


W3C Credentials Community Group meeting: "Applications of DIDs to Federated Social Media"

P.S. If you have suggestions for the FEP process, please create an issue at

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Fun morning. Discussion links to Fediverse Enhancement Poposals have been updated in the tracking issues after a new automation at SocialHub.

FEP Authors please take a look at your tracking issues and comment if anything's unclear.

There are currently 3 FINAL and 8 DRAFT FEPs in the system.

@weex, are you the right person to ask about the fundamental goals of #Ecko?

Is the intention that it will be mastodon + additional features, or will it drift further away from #Mastodon?

I've just set up an Ecko server, and I'm now wondering whether following #hashtags, pinned posts, and other features of Mastodon 4 are going to be implemented soon™️, or whether there is a forum for such discussions?

If you feel like donating on #thanksgiving, please consider the following collectives from #LatinAmerica ❤️

🟢 Nibö
A Latinx #SciComm initiative that is currently running a mastodon and a peertube instance.

🟢 compudanzas
A research project supporting the low-tech computing collective Archipielago Uno. Currently running an akkoma instance and gemini web pages.

💲 1 dollar makes a big difference.

Feel free to boost :boost_requested:

FEP-c390: Identity Proofs is a new Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) that was just created that describes a mechanism of linking cryptographic keys to ActivityPub actor profiles.

Find the draft proposal here

Feedback is appreciated at

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