Ecko is now available for installation in . If you'd like to try in an easy, low-risk, self-hosted way, this is it.

Please report any issues at and have a nice day.

Thanks to @PaulaToThePeople for raising this idea, to -soc for having a working ynh package to mod and to for making this quest for better social networking possible.

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Ok - what's the important diff between Mast and Ecko and why do we need it?

@LasseGismo @PaulaToThePeople

Ecko has local-only posts, editable post and poll length, some UX improvements, import/export of blocklists.

Need would be a strong word at this point but if those features are must-haves then that's why.

The other thing is if you have a problem, often posed as a feature request that you'd like to discuss, then a solution will get merged if the underlying problem is accurate and valuable to solve according to community consensus. For more on that protocol, see

It is hoped that Ecko can function as a "labs" to prove out issues and solutions for social networking more broadly.

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