I've noticed in using Mastodon that I'd rather start with a toots-only view (i.e. no boosts) and then want to check the boosts feed. For that matter, I wish a link to Boosts were visible on the timeline screens. Anyone else use it this way, where they only want to see boosts some of the time?

@danie10 Thanks to plastic free July I've been using non-aerosol cream even though I still use a multi blade disposable razor. One step at a time.

Do not track? Yes. Very good.

Now give me Do not app!

/I don't want the app.
//I knew you had one
///seriously, you won't even set a cookie?

@gitea @clacke @hexdsl @FediFollows @MarcellusDrum Is there an issue people can visit in regards to this migration effort?

Given the rate limit, perhaps there's a max project size that orgs can be mindful to migrate before they get to it.

@Gargron @Madmonkey This is sped up a little bit, but meaningful speedups will require post-production. I was mainly looking for something dynamic to show on screen for a while so the hour didn't bother me. Of course people can skip around if they like!

@defrisselle I doubt it affects electrical output. Some of the adhesive in the transformer has probably just stopped doing its anti-vibration/noisemaking job.

Isn't it funny how often things that should be simple can get flipped and become anything but?

Here we have a simple faucet with hot and cold water, but in the common case that it takes a while for hot water to appear, one wonders which way for cold?

Is it up because the handle should go in the direction of the blue dot or down so that the blue dot is brought into some position relative to the base?

@ColinTheMathmo a) I think you're too modest :) and b) gource does all the rendering.

If you can make something that outputs something like whatever `git log` command it's running I bet it won't care that it's rendering the metadata of toots. Imma look at its source code now to see if it really runs git log or what.

climate collapse 

@schratze I'd add that collapse isn't necessarily going to be obvious and in some ways is happening now.

Yesterday I didn't find a product on the usual shelf and I thought about supply chains. So wupply chains have gone from hidden wonder to now I think about them.

I found the product in a different place so in the end it wasn't a supply chain issue, but empty shelves of the recent past made it plausible.

Point is, it would be good to list symptoms of collapse so we don't miss the signs.

@perfor That makes sense. I don't assume anything but often the verification steps bring in third parties which leak data. As I consider writing more on this, I think maybe I should contact Pell grant office to check it out. :)

@ColinTheMathmo Have you taken a look at Gource? Might be interesting to apply some of it to the Chartodon idea. Hope all is well.

@adalbertsen Never heard of it but the nature of language is a model of distribution.

@perfor How do they authenticate this? Not imagining they have OAuth over at the Pell grant website.

streaming a hintjens talk, coding more on web of trust, but mostly hanging out


When compared with centralized services, federated social networking has brought you _______ conversations which are of _______ quality.

Had a really nice hangout this morning with folks from @ohn and it was really fun! It's great to meet new people and realize that maybe I'm making new friends.

It also got me thinking about richness of social interaction and humanity where at one extreme we operate in text and emojis while at the other end we can spend time together in the same physical space with no tech required.

In this light, Open Hospitality Network (openhospitality.network/) is taking on perhaps the hardest kind of technology project where people use this tech intentionally to connect with real people.

What if the social platforms we use, instead of suggesting we follow celebrities to increase engagement, saw that we're spending an unhealthy amount of time in a low-quality medium and suggested we pick up the phone or arrange a video chat or meetup?

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