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To ready Fediverse Enhancement Proposals for 2023, we've done some cleanup and brought on two new editors.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to FEP over the years and saw it through to strong administrative footing!

If you're interested in a lightweight fediverse-native standards process please read, discuss, implement and submit proposals at:

While is down this is great time to reflect on all that's happened with the in 2022. It's been a truly great year. I look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store.

Please consider donating to the following collectives from #LatinAmerica ❤️, which are helping to build a more #sustainable and ethical web.

🟢 Nibö
A #SciComm initiative. Currently, running mastodon and peertube servers.

🟢 Compudanzas
A research project supporting the low-tech computing collective Archipielago Uno. Currently running an akkoma server.

💲 1 dollar makes a big difference.

Feel free to #boost :boost_requested:

I have spent the last two days working on making good quality SVG versions of the logo/symbols for #fediverse projects and I feel like it was worth it. I think the hard/less fun part of this project is getting them out there for all to use. I am pretty unfamiliar with submitting to Wikimedia Commons that is probably the best place for them to all live

Do ActivityPub relays use websockets, or do they just send copies of messages as discrete HTTP calls to each participant? I'm hoping for the former because it might be fun to try using Fastly's Compute@Edge and Fanout to build a relay.

#activitypub #relay #mastodev

@bentomn if you’re diving into the #ActivityPub rabbit hole, I recommend you start with this guide from @darius 👉

If you want to contribute to #Mastodon you may be frustrated with the project governance. There are a couple forward-leaning forks, such as by @weex

I’m collecting some relevant projects at

Hmm, I think I'll code...

  • open issue
  • open markdown doc to make notes
  • Open Ecko and proceed to read links and articles until two hours later I look over and see my still empty notes
  • open new markdown doc titled and enter first line:

do not visit the fediverse during any of the below

FEP-f1d5: NodeInfo in Fediverse Software is a draft Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) that was just resubmitted.

FEP-f1d5 is intended to standardize upon a way to provide server-level metadata to the public.

Find the draft proposal here

Feedback is appreciated at

cc: @silverpill

"there are two layers to digital communication—a public layer and a private layer. The public layer serves movements as a means of informing and coordinating on a large scale; the private, of connecting and planning on a personal scale. As it becomes more difficult to utilize the public layer of corporate social media platforms, people will shift their focus to the private layer..."

Sometimes I wonder why we reply publicly by default when a DM might make more sense. Anyway, it's good to think about how to connect besides posting on the internet.

This feels appropriate for the second thing I've ever posted to mastodon.

Hey, so you know how there's this thing where certain groups have highly specific ways of knowing and being in-and-with-the-world which might benefit everyone if shared?

Disabled people have that. Other marginalised groups too. When we ask you to *LISTEN* to us, it's not solely to complain about our struggles, suffering or oppression. It's also because if you listen to us, our experience may help *you*. And when we help each other, it increases the chances we all prosper #disability

Want to work on Mastodon full time? I’d like to pay a Rails dev for the next 3+ months to implement some auth improvements that matter to me but also just burn down bugs, make perf improvements, whatever is needed as this place grows. Remote 100% ok but need 3-4 hrs of Pacific time zone overlap, fair pay, meaningful work. #fedihire #ruby #rails #job

If you're interested in protocols and interoperability that make the fediverse more than Mastodon and ActivityPub, SocialHub is where a lot of discussion and coordination have taken place over the years.

The future of SocialHub is however in question.

Up for vote and discussion is whether it should be locked and archived, run as is, or transitioned to a sustainable state of governance.

If this interests you, go now and make your voice heard.

Twitter is now blocking links to pixelfed!

"First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win"


Thoughts on the black community's slow move to Mastodon 

So I've been here before, with the move from MySpace to Facebook, from FaceBook to Twitter and now Twitter to Mastodon.

And as a person of color there has been one constant in all of this. People of color are always the last to come to these platforms. There's this fear of change or that if that come first or alone.. they will be alienated.

I hate that people of color feel that way, but I also understand it.

The Collective Code Construction Contract was written a few years ago, before main became the default branch in most free software projects. We have a wiki page for Magic Stone that is a quick amendment but what I don't know is why I didn't submit this as an issue upstream.

Today I did then made a pull request and true to form, it was merged lightning quick.

There's some fun follow-on work to fix deploys over there but it's overall neat to see a protocol working long-term.

@bobwyman @blaine @digibrarian

>Services should require you to BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity.) Identity is something you should bring to a service, not take from it.

This protocol extension proposal describes how to do that in Fediverse:

the codeberg folks are forking gitea since they're going corporate:

just got announced, no stable releases yet

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